Recovering pictures from SD Memory Card

Hi all!

During this weekend, I discovered I lost all my pictures from SD Memory card. Actually, I don't know what happened. But I was very worried about losing them.

I found some Mac apps to recover my pictures. But some programs cost more than US$ 100.00.

Of course, I quit. Some minutes later, I remember that I know Linux and some programs are compatible with Mac (I mean you can build and install it using build script).

So, let's see what I did:

1. First of all, you should connect your SD Memory Card
2. Open "Terminal"
3. Type "mount" to find out the device name like:


4. Copy your SD Memory card from "disk1s1" to a file using "dd" command

        dd if=/dev/disk1s1 of=memcard.dat

5. Download TestDisk source code here. Build it and install it in "Terminal"
6. Then, type the following command in "Terminal"

        photorec_static memcard.dat

7. Your pictures would be saved in the directory: "recup_dir.1"

All my pictures could be recovered!